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WELCOME to PhiPsiZeta.Org, home of the Alumni, Undergraduates, and Friends of the Phi-Psi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.
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Mitchell CrossPhi-Psi 13510/14
Jeffrey HoytPhi-Psi 19210/14
Jarod LaFrenzPhi-Psi 36910/14
Ryan RussellPhi-Psi 20110/14
Andrew HodgesPhi-Psi 33810/15
Craig BorgmeyerPhi-Psi 50210/15
Conor PitkinPhi-Psi 36210/16
Kevin HallPhi-Psi 5810/16
Kenneth SchiermeyerPhi-Psi 14410/16
Jerry RevenaughPhi-Psi 67310/16
Kevin PoortingaPhi-Psi 19810/18
Ross WoodyPhi-Psi 13910/18
David ReinhardtPhi-Psi 24610/18
Aaron HorschigPhi-Psi 60210/18
Matthew SelfAssociate Member10/19
Aric BoycePhi-Psi 38310/19
John HowardPhi-Psi 18410/19
Michael BehrensPhi-Psi 7310/19
Nicholas GreinerPhi-Psi 46010/20
Aaron PearsonPhi-Psi 51010/20
Michael LupaPhi-Psi 58810/20
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